Reduced Fat Products

Our reduced-fat products are a healthier alternative giving perfect results. As well as reduced calories it also comes at a lower cost.

Our entire Reduced Fat range is:

  • All Vegetable
  • Non Hydrogenated
  • GMO Free
  • Kosher
  • Vegan certified
  • 65% RF Cake

    This reduced-fat product has multiple applications and produces excellent results in texture and mouth feel.

    As well as giving a high performance it also lends itself perfectly in a buttercream frosting.

  • 65% RF Pastry

    This product has excellent lamination results as well as having a lower fat content.

    Our traditional drum method creates a pliable product that handles well when shaping.

    This product has a variety of applications.

  • 64% RF Spread

    A low-fat spread developed for garlic bread production. A high- performance product that can also be used in many other applications.

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