Virtual Afternoon Tea!

Pictured L - R 

Lauren McLaughlin, Sales; Chris, Development Chef; Lesley McGhee, Managing Director


The team at Cardowan laid on a host of appetising treats for visitors to their virtual afternoon tea!

Guests were left salivating at the range of bakery goods all made by Cardowans' Development Chef.....using their cost effective Reduced Fat Vegan products!

With the table groaning under the weight of the scrumptious selection of bakery delights -  Lesley chatted through the cost savings and Chris highlighted the flavour and quality aspect.     

With  more and more consumers demanding Reduced Fat and Vegan food that refuses to compromise on taste and quality, Cardowan have produced the perfect products to tick all the boxes!

OOOoooooooo.....don't these cakes look yummy!