Cardowan stands for quality.


Since our incorporation in 1930, Cardowan has been manufacturing margarine products that have set the industry standard for each succeeding decade. With our experience and expertise, we have helped to create highly-respected brands that are trusted by food manufacturers and distributors alike, throughout the UK and Ireland and across the rest of the world.

A service that sets us apart

As an independent, family-owned company, we are perfectly positioned to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. Our flexible, collaborative approach means that we can manufacture bespoke products to our customers’ specific requirements, in addition to our branded, plain packaged & own-label products. Our only stipulation is a minimum order of one pallet.

At Cardowan, our main aim is to make a positive difference to your business, building a relationship and working with you to achieve mutual and continued success.


We pride ourselves on delivering a personal, flexible and reliable service, and our product offering is one of the very best around. We are BRC, Kosher, Vegan Society and RSPO certified, and our long-standing position within the industry is a testament to the trusted relationships that we have built with our customers.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)
Vegan Society Vegan Approved
RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

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We constantly challenge our methods and procedures.